Ar-te-fact: An object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest.

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Dining table, Recycled Messmate, Danish Oil Finish.
Outdoor Setting, Monterey Cypress, Natural Oil Finish.

Artefact crafts timeless pieces of furniture.

Our furniture is unique, high quality and made to last. Dining tables, cabinets and beds are just some of the things we love to make. Artefact creates collectable solid-timber furniture in our Northcote (Melbourne) studio.

Each piece is fitted with an identification plaque showing its unique 'Artefact' number and year of provenance. Details of every piece are recorded for future reference.

Our clients are looking for something special.

They appreciate that to make something properly takes time and effort. They also understand that the rewards of doing so are many and long lasting.

Window Seat, Hand Fitted Finger Joints , Wool Upholstery.
High Bed, Salvaged Eucalyptus Obliqua, Oil Finish.

Artefact specialises in traditional timber joinery techniques.

Well fitting Dovetails and finger joints are beautiful as well as highly functional. They provide a classical quality to our furniture that only improves with age. Artefact carefully selects the timber to make each piece of furniture.

Timber is a wonderful natural material. Every board and every species is unique. Knowing how to select the right boards in the right species makes all the difference to the finished piece.

Our clients are an important part of what we do.

Artefact values the relationship between craftsperson and client. This old fashioned approach leads to the creation of much-loved pieces of furniture that become an intimate part of their owners lives.

Artefact is passionate about quality and craftsmanship. Every detail is considered and deliberate. We are professionally trained and have won several awards for our work.

OMG Cabinet, Hoop Pine Plywood, Enamel Finish.
Drift Bed, Regrowth Victorian Ash, Tung and Wax Oil Finish.
Glide Stools, Salvaged Otway Blackwood, Hardened Tung Oil Finish.